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Fact or Fiction?

The path to government cloud migration is cluttered with myths and misunderstandings. Will migrating hinder performance? Is cloud too expensive? Is it too risky to store classified government data?

To Cloud or Not To Cloud? That isn’t the question…

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FedRAMP Fault Lines

FedRAMP faces a wide array of serious challenges – fault lines in its foundation. In fact, 79 percent of Federal cloud decision makers are frustrated with FedRAMP, most commonly calling the process “a compliance exercise.”


Fix FedRAMP is a six-step plan to improve the FedRAMP process based on seven months of collaboration among members of the FedRAMP Fast Forward Industry Advocacy Group as well as Federal IT and policy executives at multiple agencies.

Box Hugger Report

On Monday, May 11 the Cloud Computing Caucus Advisory Group launched the "Don't Be a Box Hugger," a comprehensive new report and an eye-opening look at the evolving market for Federal cloud services.