FedRAMP Fault Lines

FedRAMP faces a wide array of serious challenges – fault lines in its foundation. In fact, 79 percent of Federal cloud decision makers are frustrated with FedRAMP and consider it a mere “compliance exercise.” But in reality, FedRAMP is mandatory for Federal agency cloud deployments and needs to succeed if the government is to ever capitalize on the promise of cloud. So, what now? MeriTalk’s recent report, “FedRAMP Fault Lines,” examines why Feds are frustrated with FedRAMP, why they remain uncertain about the FedRAMP process, and how they can embrace FedRAMP.

Cloud Solutions for Federal

If you’ve ever had outdoor plans, you know that different clouds can bring different outcomes. The same thing is true in federal cloud computing. Most discussions around cloud treat the topic as if there was one, all-dominating type of cloud, usually one where data storage is the only thing a cloud can be used for. But, like in the great outdoors, there are as many different types of cloud solutions as there are federal agencies looking for them. Learn more about Cloud Solutions for Federal agencies in Comstor’s white paper.

Don't Be a Box Hugger

Don’t Be a Box Hugger

This comprehensive new report dives deep into the state of cloud computing in the Federal Government, identifying successes and offering solutions to the vexing challenges still ahead. Learn why the Federal government's projected $2.1 billion in cloud spending next year represents a fraction of cloud's potential; why it takes Cloud Service Providers more than a year and millions of dollars to earn each Authority to Operate; and why three tribes forming in Federal IT Cloud Pioneers, Fence Sitters and Box Huggers.

Cloud Control: Moving to the Comfort Zone

There's no question that Federal agencies are reaping cloud’s benefits – like improved agility, less IT complexity, and greater collaboration through shared services – but, concerns around data stewardship can slow or halt migrations. So how are Federal agencies dealing with the cloud control challenge? MeriTalk’s recent report, “Cloud Control: Moving to the Comfort Zone,” examines cloud deployment growth projections, why IT professionals are apprehensive about migrating to the cloud, data stewardship barriers, and progress toward enterprise-wide governance.

PaaS or Play? Cloud’s Next Move

Federal IT is fundamentally broken. GAO tells us Uncle Sam spends 70 percent, or $56 billion, of the IT budget on legacy systems. How do we euthanize yesterday's IT and consolidate for tomorrow when there’s no money for new development? Agencies turn toward Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Hosting new application development in the cloud gives agencies the opportunity to develop, experiment, innovate, and test for less time and money. MeriTalk's recent study, "PaaS or Play? Cloud's Next Move," examines PaaS' current state of play within the Federal government.

The Net of Federal Networks

Data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data, and cloud computing – the Big Five of Federal IT – all have one thing in common: they are going to choke Federal networks. Any single initiative would be a challenge; five may bring networks to their knees. This MeriTalk report takes a look at the combined impact of the Big Five on Federal networks and what steps government IT decision-makers are taking to prepare.

Mission Critical Cloud: Ready for the Heavy Lift?

Federal agencies are charged with "Cloud First," but are they moving mission-critical applications? This MeriTalk report reveals how Federal IT managers view the barriers, current status, and future plans related to moving mission-critical applications to the cloud. The study shares the perspectives of 151 Federal IT executives to investigate these questions and the path forward in this transformational shift.

Cloud First Consumer Guide

Three years ago OMB directed Federal agencies to move data and applications off their own servers and into the cloud. Cloud First promises to help agencies maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility, and minimize cost. So, how are agencies doing? Are they experiencing the benefits promised? What would they do differently, and more importantly, was it worth it? MeriTalk's recent report, "Cloud First Consumer Guide," provides a path forward for Federal cloud computing and the first-ever rankings for cloud programs and approaches.